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January 4th, 2010: Dark Faith up for Pre-Order

Looking for more short stories to read from me? How about The Choir, available through Dark Faith, the anthology where horror, faith and social issues collide. It’s available for pre-order through Apex Publications, and features some awesome names like Gary Braunbeck, Richard Dansky, Brian Keene, Wrath James White, Nick Mamatas, Lucy Snyder and more.


Pre-Order from here for the May 10 Release date:

But wait! There’s more…

Apex Store exclusive offer: pre-order now and receive the limited edition promotional chapbook Dark Faith: Last Rites that contains stories by Nate Southard, Bob Ford, Toiya K. Finley, and Sara M. Genge. Only 500 chapbooks will be produced!

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January 2nd, 2010: Happy 2010…

Muscle-Bound #14 is now up! I know, I know… what the hell took me so long!

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January 2nd, 2010: Muscle-Bound Log 14: A Shift in Perspective

I was ready to discount 2009. It was a bad year professionally. I’d made little to no forward movement on my novels, and was spending every day waiting for responses. That was 52 weeks of holding my breath day in and out for some news… any news so long as it was positive. And what was worse than nothing? The rejections. They were mostly positive in their “thanks, no thanks,” but each one hit harder than the last and each felt like a setback measured in months… years. By the end of it, I couldn’t see myself getting published… ever. I’d lost sight of my dream and as much as I hated to admit it, the success of some of my friends was burning a hole in my stomach.

     I was very ready to bury 2009. Preferably with a double tap to the back of its head.

     Then I went for my fitness assessment.

     They measured me, pinching skin with cold callipers and girding me with measuring tape. They rattled off numbers and handed me the verdict.

     I was… stunned. Flabbergasted in fact. I was at 16.8% Body Fat. I’d begun this program back in April with nearly 36% Body Fat, and since then, I’d lost nearly 20% of my fat.

     I’d set 16% as a goal several months ago, but I didn’t think I was anywhere near that. More so, that put me at 1.8% away from being in the category of a pro-athlete. And I was undergoing advanced weight training now, so my Fat Ratio goals suddenly shifted from 16% down to about 12-13%.

     With that single moment, 2009 turned around. It wasn’t any less rough, but I suddenly realized that I’d accomplished something I never thought I’d see. I was so focused on my success as a writer that I’d almost overlooked my accomplishments in my health.

     That brought me to the second realization — that I’d allowed things to coast by, with no real drive toward a stated goal. My triumphs this year came from me taking an active hand in my affairs. If I wanted to see results, then, for 2010 or whatever came after that, I’d have to work with a goal in mind and not just fire off something and hope for the best.

     What does this all mean? Epiphanies are fine, after all, but there has to be carry through, right? Honestly, I’m not sure yet. But I’m happy for 2010, because whatever 2009 turned out to be, for better or worse, I contributed to my circumstances. Like they say about computers and technology… Garbage in, Garbage out. Now let’s see what I can apply from my diet to the rest of my life. Because I don’t plan to sit on the sidelines anymore. I plan on turning hope into ambition.

     So, to date, this is where I stand:

                   April 6   December 31             

Weight:            282 lbs   210 lbs

Fat %:             36%       16.80%

And where would we be without some pictures?

Profile - 36% Body Fatpants

And two more!

 Front-36% Body Fatastors


Happy New Year, everyone. I know I plan to have one.


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