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July 8th, 2009: Muscle-Bound Log #10: The Milestone

    “So what would you do if you hit 250 pounds?” Jean asked. It was a hypothetical question, but for reasons that surprised me, I smiled. Not at what I would do, but at the notion of being 250 pounds. It wasn’t until that moment that I realized I really wanted to lose weight. I’d accepted being 285, but acceptance wasn’t happiness and the thought of 250 pounds cheered me up.

     Now I’m not saying that sometimes in life we don’t make due with what we have, but in this instance, that wasn’t good enough. I was smiling at the hint of 250 pounds, and that hit me harder than I expected. It felt much like someone with an addiction who finally admits to the problem. A light goes on, and it burns and soothes in that same moment. It’s relief and it’s struggle alike. It is epiphany, and I hadn’t realized I was that unhappy about my health, about who I was, until the moment articulated it for me.

     But let me backtrack a sec. If you don’t know who Jean Carrieres is or why I mention him often, let me fill you in. Jean gave me my first gaming contracts for roleplaying games when he worked for Dreampod 9. He gave me my first videogame contracts too, and he’s been one of my most ardent supporters. He’s also my best friend, and has tolerated me in my lows and at my heights. And he’s always been honest with his opinions, delighting often in playing Devil’s Advocate. You’ll never get away with much in his company.

     Before Jean moved to Chile for work (which I keep spelling with an “i” instead of an “e” for some strange reason), we had a candid conversation over dinner. I was talking about all the things I wanted to do if I was in better shape, waxing whiny you might say, and he confided in me that he was worried about my weight. It was the first time he’d ever admitted his concerns over it. I wasn’t a happy person either; I used to be more optimistic and upbeat. Less neutral as my friend Rebecca once pointed out to me. But that part of me had gone away, forever it seemed, and I wanted it back. I wanted to feel happy, satisfied in what I was doing and in myself. That’s when Jean asked the question, and it became part of the inspiration behind this move to improve my diet.

     The 250 milestone itself wasn’t as important a target as the sense that I could be thinner and healthier. And happier. Make no mistake, I will never use terms like better-looking or more attractive when it comes to my weight, because I’ve been loved through thick and thin, literally. And I find beauty in people who are heavier, so my decision was one of health and not vanity. With that tangent out of the way, last week (after being on this program for three months), I hit 249 lbs and I’ve been set to wondering… how should I celebrate this milestone? And not in a way that’s typical to me. In other words: Let’s go out and eat! Or I’ll throw a party. I always do those things. It’s time to change that up and to keep some of those promises I made to myself. I am happier and I am feeling much healthier. Now it’s time to apply that energy in a direction to celebrate… and celebrate in some fashion before the end of July. So let’s hear it:

If you hit your ideal weight to be active, what would you do to celebrate?

I want to hear what you have in mind and hopefully, I’ll have a story to share myself before month’s end.


5 Responses to “Muscle-Bound Log #10: The Milestone”

  1. Never really gave it any thought, to be honest, because I feel I’m at my ideal weight. If I hit a goal, I’d probably celebrate by going out to dinner.

    Contradiction much?

  2. Charles R says:

    Congratulations! That’s pretty good progress for three months.

    As for celebrating — buy yourself a book, DVD, or game that you want, but haven’t gotten yet?

  3. J-S Turgeon says:

    I would go for a long walk, possibly on Mt-Royal a eat a healthy meal with friends.

  4. Carrie says:

    I’m just about 285ish as I type this. I started at 303lbs close to 4 months ago. I’m closing in on 30lbs lost and will get to somewhere in the 225/230 range, if not a little lighter. I’m actually not sure what I’d like for my ideal weight to be, I just know that I’m way too tired of this huge pooch in front that I put on, just in the last 4 years. I’ve never had it before, and while I’ve made progress, its not going “quietly”. At this point, my ideal weight wouldn’t actually be a weight, but when I get to the point where my stomach doesn’t stick out farther than my boobs. LOL! So, when I hit a milestone weight, I’d like to celebrate it by doing a physical activity that I either haven’t done in a while and I enjoy(horseback riding) or something I haven’t really ever done before, like say rafting or climbing. :)

  5. Rebecca says:

    I had to give this one a lot of thought. I’m not physically active (and that, therein, is part of my problem); but I think I’d join a club and learn Akido. I’d not let distance, or time deter me.

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